We offer material for construction of warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings, and retail stores, as well as residential. Structural steel is fabricated to order and specifications in our shop. Steel joists are offered in a variety of configurations from flat trusses to A trusses to barrel vaulted trusses. We supply steel deck of many types, from lightgage form deck, composite floor deck, roof deck, acoustical roof deck, to long span roof deck, in finishes from painted to galvanized. Stairs are custom made in our shop, in many configurations from straight stair runs to curved landings, from steel channel stringers to steel tube stringers. Handrails are custom made to your order such as pipe rails, picket rails, or cable rails, and are available in a variety of material and finishes. We also make a variety of miscellaneous metal items such as straight or cage ladders, guard posts, gratings, etc.