Blue Ridge Fabricators is committed to providing quality structural steel, steel joists, steel deck, miscellaneous metals, stair and handrail products at a fair price, while providing a safe working environment for our employees.

We fabricate all of our structural steel, miscelllaneous metals, stairs and handrails in our shop, unlike some steel suppliers who sublet their structural steel, stairs and handrails. This gives us total control of quality, scheduling, and shipping. Customer service is a priority with us. We are large enough to serve your needs, while still maintaining the cutomer contact and communication required for a successful project.

Going Green

The steel fabrication industry has been on the forefront of recycling for many decades. Unused drops, drill shavings, etc. from our shop are recycled into new steel components, and may become part of a new structural steel building.

Quality Control

We have certified mill test reports for material used in our fabrication. Our welders are certified, as is our shop, by an independent testing lab. Material is fabricated in accordance with specifications required by our customers.